The Cancellation of the 2021 Worcester Stage Dance Festival

I do hope everyone is keeping safe and well in these somewhat unreal times in which we find ourselves. I also cannot believe I am writing once again relaying negative news.


Here at Worcester, as the situation regarding Covid19 was improving, we were becoming excited at the thought of our festival in 2021 going ahead.  By now we would normally have updated our web site with syllabus and entry detail. But as you might appreciate, the elation here has quickly turned to despair. The news is now daily worsening and after much discussion by the committee regarding the many factors involved, including potential restrictions imposed by the school and the considerable financial loss we suffered this year, we now see no clear path to be able to offer a safe venue and environment for the festival to proceed in 2021. We feel we cannot continue as normal when such signs are clearly there that we might again end up cancelling the event at the last minute. This would not be fair to schools, participants, adjudicator, organisers, venue and all those who make an immense contribution.  We will of course update this site with any other news which may follow in the coming months.  


On behalf of the committee I do apologise most sincerely for having to relay what I realise will be disappointing news. We do hope however that you will be able to support us in 2022 when the festival is scheduled to run at Nunnery Wood School from Saturday 9th to and including Saturday 16th April.


So until then please stay safe and well.


Kindest regards


Alan Thawley


Chairman WSDF



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